Ways To Remember Why Your Soul Chose This Life!!

You need to understand that everything happens for a reason. You’re here for a reason and there are no accidents. You have something to learn and experience otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Find it. See the signs, don’t ignore them. Don’t go with your purpose unfulfilled. Don’t let that happen to you.

Prior to birth, our souls determine our parents, gender, place of birth etc. Our souls plan a number of possible paths that would allow us to experience certain things. For example, if courage is what we wish to experience, we would team up with other souls so circumstances would arise where we are required to bring up the courage within us.

For fulfilling your purpose, you must first forget what it is at birth so you may, after years or even lifetimes of searching, remember. The years of painful searching and experiences prepare you for your purpose. Once you remember your soul’s purpose, the universe helps you and then nothing can and will stand in your way. At that moment, your body, mind and soul become one.

Know that wherever you are in life is exactly where you need to be. You have the power to change and create anything. The following 3 reminders are fixed in your soul blueprint, and help you find your soul purpose.*


When your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with the soul’s purpose, you will know it immediately by the way you feel which is usually inner-peace, joy, gratitude and love.

Do not despair if you do not yet remember what you came here for. Your only duty in this life is to follow your highest joy (inner peace) and not the happiness, a new car, house etc. brings. You are given opportunities to grow every time.


One of the most frustrating things we do to ourselves is we get stuck thinking of the million things we must do and they keep us from moving forward.

Allow Your Soul To Guide You Instead. It may not be what you you planned. Sometimes what you think is only a stepping stone that takes you closer to your purpose. You may meet a person who becomes your source of inspiration, or an opportunity that otherwise would not be there had you not chosen to follow your heart and arrive at that exact location and time.

If your daily activities are chores like house cleaning, meeting deadlines and cooking, then do them with as much joy as you can, and do a little that bring you peace. It can be as simple as reading or a hobby. You never know what might come out of them! Do not underestimate the power behind little activities. It is not about what you do, how you do it, what your title is.


Your soul has chosen a purpose before birth. It Is Your Own Creation. To achieve it, you must free yourself from everything that limits you. Limitations like fear of uncertainty/change, fear of lack, or even fear of success.

You may be passionate about purpose as an artist but end up working at a bank because you are afraid you won’t make ends meet. You submit to your so-called fate and feel unfortunate that you are to not be one of those who seem to have it all.

What you experience depends on one thing and one thing only – your choice. Your purpose is something your soul chose before it took on a body, and you can choose again at any time in this life because your soul remains who you truly are while your body and mind are only tools for you to carry out your mission so you may experience your purpose. That power of free-will/choice never leaves you. Decide and allow the universe to bring you the rest.

Once every part of you is aligned with your purpose, you have awakened to the divine power. One small step is all it takes, to be that?

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