Wealth and Abundance Affirmations

Wealth and abundance affirmations
A constant and increasing stream of abundance flows towards me
Abundance comes to me easily
Every day I am grateful for the abundance in my life and all around me
Every day I attract more abundance and wealth by improving my skills and talents
Every day I create more and more wealth
Every day I take positive action to achieve more wealth
Every positive thought and affirmation brings greater abundance to me both physically and spiritually
Everything I want and need is within my abilities to obtain
I allow abundance to flow freely throughout every positive aspect of my life
I always get what I deserve, and my actions and positive thoughts are always improving what I deserve I am creating massive value in my life.

  • I am inspired by people who have abundance, and I inspire other people to greater abundance
  • I am open to receiving the fruits of my efforts and affirmations
  • I am positively influencing others and that, in return, brings more wealth to me
  • I am ready to receive more money
  • I am surrounded by a world that has infinite opportunities for me to grasp.
  • I am surrounded by riches and opportunity
  • I am worthy ofabundance in my whole life
  • I create happiness and abundance for myself and those I care about
  • I deserve abundance
  • I deserve to be rich and I accept maney into my life
  • I enjoy happiness, wealth and abundance
  • I find opportunities everywhere
  • I give thanks for the riches in my life
  • I have everything
  • I need to create massive wealth
  • I live in a rich and abundant universe
  • I naturally think in terms of increasing my abundance
  • I recognise that by increasing the abundance of others, I will naturally increase my own abundance
  • I relax and allow the universe to assist me to obtain the things I want and need I strongly attract wealth into my life
  • I welcome physical and spiritual riches into my life.
  • Infinite abundance follows me everywhere
  • It’s OK to be rich
  • Money is good
  • I do good things with money
  • My mind is focused on and successful at achieving success and wealth
  • Staggering wealth is ready for me to grasp
  • The universe will provide riches and wealth as I continue to develop and improve
  • The wealthier I am, the more I can help other people
  • There is immense abundance and riches available to me
  • Today I claim the wealth and riches that I deserve
  • Today I see and feel the wealth and richest I am entitled to.

Divine Abundance

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