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Is there something you know you shouldn’t be eating? Try to eat mindfully and healthily although the fairies say that a little bit of what you fancy is fine!

This card draws your attention to your diet and how the food you eat has a direct influence on your health. Perhaps you’re consuming too much unhealthy food, or are drinking to excess, or know someone who is. When it comes to food and drink, moderation is the key. We’re all capable of developing either healthy or unhealthy eating habits, and it’s important to be honest with yourself about this. How does the food you eat make you feel?

Are you always trying out new food fads? Do you still feel empty after a meal? Eating excessively is a sign we’re lacking in something else. A lack of love or feeling of being unloved can create false hunger. If you feel you or someone you know has an eating disorder then it’s important to seek professional help so that a balanced relationship with food can be regained.

Fairies can also consume human food, but by absorbing its energies rather than consuming it physically. Next time you’re eating outside, perhaps enjoying a picnic, you may notice that your food tastes a little bland. This may be because the fairies are also enjoying your feast!

The fairies encourage you to eat food that’s fresh, pure and, ideally, free of pesticides. Raw foods, such as salads, can give us extra energy due to the increased nutrients and vitamins they contain. It might also be worth exploring natural vitamin supplements, especially in wintertime.

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