What are your children here for ?

What are your children here to teach you?

Children are very special little Beings who are purely light as they emanate from their Soul upon arrival. That little Soul knows all at that point and remembers who they are and why they chose to come here and they chose to come “through” you to express their brilliance. The children of today are on a very special mission and that mission is to bring light into this world and to show you, their parents, your own light as they are a reflection of you in more ways than you could possibly know.

They are the “gift that keeps on giving” in that they are showing you who you are on the inside, the truth, that you are a Divine Being of light as well as the façade, meaning the role you are currently playing. These children are what is called “empathic” which means that they feel what you feel meaning that they are picking up on how you are “really” feeling on the inside, the good, the bad and the ugly.

A few years ago, I channeled the angels regarding these children and this is what they said:

“These children have come in with a gift for you, it is the gift of healing. By acknowledging your pain, they mirror the cause and the effect. Your inner pain hurts them as they are unaware at this point that they are in fact taking on your emotions of the time. It is hurting them as it is hurting you and has been for centuries, you just weren’t aware. The cause is anger, war, pain and fear – the effect is anger, war, pain and fear. These children have entered in now to show you the pain you have caused yourselves through millennia. They fear because you fear…they feel pain because you feel pain…they wage war because you wage war, inward and outward. If you want your children to suffer no more then “you” must suffer no more.”


I found this channeling to be one of the most profound and interesting ones I had ever had the pleasure of receiving. These kids are here to show us the importance of letting go of the past and all the wounds we carry and finally find the peace and the light of our Soul’s once again. So, in light of this message, I would encourage you to look at your own children today and see what it is that they are reflecting back to you.

They are messengers of peace and if they are in a chaotic space in any way, then it is a reflection of what you and others who are around them are really feeling inside. Once you see this, please do not judge or blame yourself or anyone else, this is just an observation and most of all, a gift. Only you can make the change in yourself, let go of the pain, it doesn’t serve to help you or your children. Instead, take a page from their book and “lighten up.” Start to have fun, laugh and be silly and bring play back into your life…enjoy!!

Carmen 💖

Carmen Thank you for such a wonderful channeling message.

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