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6 of Swords

Swords ~ Air Element ~ Thoughts

Listening to the inner voice

The Six of Swords represents a period of transition –

a time when we need to pull back from life temporarily in order to get to a better place and/or perspective inside ourselves and outside in the world.

At these times we may experience a drop in self-esteem, as it is difficult living in the world today whilst being unclear about what we are doing.

As a result we may doubt ourselves, forget any successes we may have had previously and fear we will stay stuck in this transitional phase.

However, this card always promises a better future if we can be patient, have faith and see it through.

This card essentially reminds us of the ‘otherness’ of life.

Whilst the busy rush of plans are being implemented in the heady whirlwind of life ‘out there,’ there is a whole other life going on inside us.

When we face traumas or breakdowns in life we are reminded of this otherness.

Yet the Six of Swords does not require us to have a breakdown in order to receive its wisdom!

We simply need to hear and follow the inner call and pay more attention to our spiritual natures.

In so doing we may begin to understand the wisdom underlying change and the transient nature of life.

Within this understanding we can also realize how so much of what we do is unimportant, whilst in contrast our spiritual nature reveals its true value, moving us forward and keeping us safe.

Divine Patience


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