Wisdom to know Thyself.

Monday 25th Whatsap session for 30 day to know Thyself.

Let’s Begin with….

🌺 I am Divine Wisdom.🌺

You may think that wisdom comes only from your brain or intellect. Yet you have many other sources of wisdom within you.

Your emotions—your feelings—often give you information and guidance. Think of a time when you felt sad. What do you think your sadness was trying to tell you? Now think of a time when you felt joy or love.

What message would you guess those feelings carried for you? Your emotions can also help you make good choices. Try asking yourself, “What would I feel if I made that choice? Would that choice feel good and loving for me and for anyone else affected?”

Your body also holds a great deal of wisdom. When your tummy feels tight or upset, it may be telling you that you are afraid. Your body always tells the truth. If you find yourself feeling confused, try asking your body, “What message do you have for me right now?”

Living inside you is your very wise self, sometimes called your Spiritual Self. This wise self is never afraid and always knows what is right for you in each moment.

To hear your Spiritual Self, try putting your hands over your heart and imagining your best self standing in front of you with your own face. Look into your best self’s eyes and ask for a message. Your Spiritual Self will always give you a loving answer. Several times day, stop and ask your wise self to help you.

Call to mind someone you think of as wise. What is it about them that makes them so wise? If you see these qualities in someone else, those qualities also live in you!

You are Divine Wisdom.


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